I made a Dust Collector – Part 2

Curse you Wandel, for stealing my thunder!

Whatever. Nobody cares about your little website anyways.


So, at this stage of the project I had an impeller and a motor, and nothing in between.

I needed something in between.

Fortunately, my motor came with a pulley attached.



…Very securely attached…

I cobbled together a gear puller with some scrap metal, clamps, a magnet, and a coupling nut.



Now that I had removed the pulley from the shaft, I proceeded to remove the coupling nut from the pulley…

Impeller - Motor Pulley


Impeller - Motor Pulley


Over at the lathe, I began to cut away at the pulley to turn it into a hub.

Impeller - Hub

Impeller - Hub


Aaaaaaand, it’s a hub.

Impeller - Hub


I laid it on the center of the back of the impeller and marked the locations of the  holes I had drilled in the hub since the last picture…

Impeller - Mount

Impeller - Mount

Off camera, I drilled out the holes and attached the hub to the impeller and the motor shaft.

Impeller - Test

I hooked it up to a foot pedal switch and it was time for a test!


Holy crap! Time to change my underpants!


…to be continued.


3 thoughts on “I made a Dust Collector – Part 2

  1. Bud, I have to admit, that baby was flying. Instead of collecting dust you might be stirring it. Have you ever done anything further with this project? I like to see your new strides. Cool stuff. I have enjoyed the few posts that I have read. I wish I had me a metal lathe, so bad.


    • Thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! I have gone a bit further, but I was waiting till I finished the dust collector to update the blog, but a number of things have been keeping me out of the garage. Two things, specifically: my three-year-old daughter and my nine-month-old son (that little guy wakes up if I even THINK about going into the garage).

      I’ll be active on here again soon, I hope!


      • Andrew, that’s funny….Oh I’m sure he knows daddy pretty good. lol. I’m certain you are enjoying that aspect more so than woodworking right now. Enjoying every minute of him at that age. Yeah, I’m hanging out man…i’ll be here when the smoke clears.


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