How to Make a Quick-Change Tool Post – Part 2

…continued from Part 1

I’m tired of words right now, but I have pictures, so lets play this like charades.

Ready? Okay Go!











Time’s up!


Game over.


4 thoughts on “How to Make a Quick-Change Tool Post – Part 2

  1. 1. New block of metal, marked out, and grove milled down the length (why the hell did I make this so long?)
    2. Straight grove walls milled with dovetail, it took a while.
    3. Oh moma, it fits like a cat-burgles hand in a tight latex glove, holding a prized emerald,
    4. I am well please. Check out that precision.
    5. I am tapping the holes for the tool clamping bolts, the mill lets me start dead straight.
    5.5 AhhHa! Now I know why I made it so long to begin with. I cut up the long piece into several little bits (but didn’t show you that bit because I was busy with more important things) – each section one will hold a lathe tool. I wonder how many pieces I got out of that long bit, now were did I put them?
    6. Facing the ends of the clamping bolts. Notice the chucking method – worked well.
    7. Almost ready to loose the old hunk of junk in favour of the new quick changer, very exciting!
    8. Looks like this is going to work from this angle.
    9. Fitted to the new mount, cam locking leaver is maxing out awesomeness vocab (please make up some words of your own), the quickchanger clamp is charged with a nice sharp tool. Time to get the lathe freak on!!!

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