How To Patch A Hole In The Wall

As part of my ongoing bathroom renovation activities, I’m moving the light fixture. This means I need to make a new hole in one wall and to patch the old hole in the the other wall.

It’s a little tricky to patch a wall when the hole isn’t near any studs, but it’s not too difficult with a little planning.

Here’s what I do (It’s as easy as one, two, three…, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine!):

1. Locate the hole.

Hole in the wall

2. Cut a piece of plywood that is a little narrower than the hole.
3. Put a screw near the center of the plywood and use it as a handle to put the plywood in the hole and hold it against the back side of the drywall. (Note: it is best if the screw is closer to one end of the board lengthwise, otherwise it may interfere with getting the board into the hole)

Hole in the wall

4. Pull on the screw with one hand, while you drive in screws through the drywall and into the ends of the plywood.

Hole in the wall

Hole in the wall

5. Remove the center screw from the plywood.

6. Measure the hole.
Hole in the wall

7. Cut a new piece of drywall.
Wall Patch

Wall Patch

Wall Patch

Wall Patch

8. Screw the new piece of drywall to the plywood.
No Hole in the wall

No Hole in the wall

9. Done.

3 thoughts on “How To Patch A Hole In The Wall

    • Nice!
      When I’ve done surface repairs like that in the past (secured by fiberglass tape), I’ve had a significant (visible) ridge that requires a lot of additional work to blend with the rest of the wall.
      If you secure it from behind instead, and then use Plaster of Paris in place of joint compound, you don’t need the tape, and you don’t end up with a ridge. Although, in a pantry, I doubt any ridge or texture mismatching is a significant issue.


      • Ah, I see why you did it this way then! I don’t think there were any ridge issues in my end product, although the surface where the repair was made feels significantly smoother than the other parts of the wall. Plus, I had that stupid wire to bury, so I thought going with the tape would be the [easiest] way. ~M.

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